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There are two main areas where colostrum has shown to be useful for humans:

  1. To support your immune system
  2. For Athletic Performance.


Immune Support

Taking a daily colostrum supplement can help your immune system stay at its normal levels to fight off infection and disease. It has even been suggested that colostrum is an effective and practical solution to help your body maintain its natural immune system against influenza episodes6. This is due to the high number of immune supporting compounds and substances that occur naturally in colostrum including lactoferrin.

Some of these substances, like IGF-1, Lactoferrin, and Lactoperoxidase, can be sufficient in a low concentration to support normal immune protection and provide nonspecific defense. Lactoferrin, a natural defense protein that is found in secretions like saliva, is particularly important because of its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Colostrum can play an important role in intestinal and stomach health. In many instances influenza begins in the intestinal tract and it is here where colostrum provides support by providing in-situ protection. It is already documented that colostrum is used to help combat chronic diarrhea in HIV infection and diarrhea caused by rotavirus infection in children.6

When taken consistently, colostrum provides immune support to help your body against infection resulting in fewer influenza episodes.


Athletic Performance

Whether you are a committed athlete or a weekend warrior, if you are looking to build lean muscle mass, improve performance or recover from training, then colostrum powder is an ideal supplement for you. Due to the strenuous nature of exercise, in order to see the best results from colostrum supplementation you will need to have a daily intake of 20 g consecutively for 8 weeks1. Colostrum is especially suited to distance athletes who favour lean muscle mass and performance- this includes triathletes, runners, kayakers, cross-country skiers, and anyone else engaged in an activity that requires high anaerobic power2.

In one study conducted in highly conditioned cyclists, a comparison was made in the performance of groups supplemented with 20 g colostrum, 60 g whey protein powder, and 20 g colostrum with 40 g whey protein powder. The greatest increase in endurance was seen in the group supplemented with both colostrum and whey protein4.

It’s not just the increase in performance that makes colostrum an attractive supplement option; it’s the ability of it to help your body recover from exercise.

Studies suggest that colostrum can help your body recover and get back to your previous performance levels after just 20 minutes3.

One of the most interesting potential benefits of colostrum supplementation is that it may have a role in preventing heat stroke. Heat stroke occurs partly due to the increased intestinal permeability of toxins brought on by heavy exercise – basically your body has to process more toxins than it normally does. Bovine colostrum has been shown to reduce the permeability in the gut brought on by heavy exercise.

source: Science Nature Care


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