The Joy and Agony of a Parents Life


English translation of Bitter en Soet van ‘n Ouer se Lewe


Summary of content by Writer 

The purpose of this book is firstly to honour God by describing the wonder of His involvement in our times of trauma and loss.  I also endeavoured to portray the miracles that we experienced before, during and after our son’s death to bring hope and encouragement to all those who are currently mourning.  During a recent course that I attended with the journalists of “Skryfgeheime” the need for such a book was discussed.  Apart from the need, I felt the urge in me to write a book about the death of our son.  Relationship with God in the family and also in the life of a child is a very important aspect covered in the book.  I also shared the experiences of each family member as well as the mistakes we made during our time of mourning.

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