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South Africa – September 2017 Events

Lots to choose from!
Choose your event or come to them all!

South Africa – Sepetember Events

Lots to choose from!
Choose your event or come to them all!


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Saturday 23rd September we are lucky enough to have Dr. Stefan Schoeman presenting Anti-Aging, Longevity & Auto-Immune Disease Prevention.


COLOSTRUM Nobel Prize article


“New Image Medical Health Science – the pioneers in Bovine colostrum fit for human consumption!! “

“Find out more about adult stem cell enhancement products and how it can help you live longer, healthier and wealthier”

To order: Contact Pam on  060 687 1778 or email: Cathy on or send whatsup to: 0813853911.

COLOSTRUM Nobel Prize article

  • The Nobel Price in Medicine was awarded in 1999 for this discovery
  • The lack of these nutrients in today’s food sources is unquestionable documented
  • Researchers who study these cellular communication nutrients to be the most important Discovery in the history of medicine… and the key to the prevention and reversal of chronic disease and a long healthy life.
  • All health or the lack of it begins at the cellular level
  • These nutrients are directly responsible for the production of STEM CELLS in our bone marrow. “When they measured the before and after stem cell counts in the blood, virtually none are detected prior. Within a week of consuming trillions of stem cells can be found,”
  • No other nutrients natural or artificial have been clinically proven to stimulate the production of stem cells. Why wait years for a possible breakthrough in harvesting stem cells from embryos when these incredible nutrients work much better and are available today as a natural food?
  • These nutrients are the only ones that do not convert to other substances when consumed. Instead they go directly to the protein surface of each and every cell in our bodies to form a complex system for cellular communication, the ‘operating system’ of the body.
  • As our cells touch each other they communicate over codes telling what just they need to thrive and be healthy.
  • Without these cellular surface molecules our body’s operating system breaks down. Hormones are misdirected; cells don’t receive the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients they need resulting in chronic disease.
  • The body then becomes confused (cellular signaling disruption occurs) and our immune system attacks healthy cells resulting in autoimmune disease such as Arthritis, Lupus, MS, Asthma etc. While bad cells like cancer and virally infected cells are left to grow and multiply because killer cells are confused and cannot destroy them.


OK let’s sum this up.


Cellular communication restored, nutrient delivery restored, healthy cellular reproduction and elimination of disease cells restored. The production of stem cells to repair and replace aging and damaged cells is fully activated. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s suffers make remarkable recoveries, diabetics produce insulin again and transplant patients no longer need anti-rejection drugs. Aging processes are not only slowed down but reversed.


Now let’s check the sources of these marvelous claims


  • 1999 Nobel Prize in Medicine
  • MIT’s Technology Review declares the study and application of these vital nutrients to be one of the “Ten Emerging Technologies That Will Change The World”
  • Emil Mondoa, MD said “Even tiny amounts – or the lack of them have a profound effect. In test after test conducted at leading institutes around the world these nutrients have been shown to lower cholesterol, decrease body fat, accelerate wound haling, ease allergy symptoms and allay autoimmune disease. Bacterial infections, including recurrent ear infections in toddlers, often respond remarkably, as do most viruses from herpes to HIV. The debilitating symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia frequently abate. And for cancer patients, the mitigate the toxic affects of radiation and chemotherapy while increasing their cancer killing effects, resulting in prolonged survival and improved quality of life”. With proper cellular communication and the availability of abundant stem cells your body has the ability to reverse any health condition.
  • Rita Elkins, MH. These nutrients are not abnormal, not herbal, not created in a lab. They are normally created in our body if we receive the proper nutrients. But this is impossible in modern society. The fact that they are missing is the reason for the vast increase in chronic illness of all varieties.
  • Scientific American talked about cellular surface communications and cancer cells/tumor growth. Called these nutrients “the Sweet Medicine of the Future”
  • Science Magazine the premier journal for researchers and scientists, recently dedicated forty-two pages of detailed research to this huge emerging field they called glycobiology. They predicated exciting possibilities for health care related to these vital nutrients.
  • Newsweek magazine ran a cover story explaining how these “better than vitamins” nutrients “kill and necrose cancer in the human cell”.


“New Image Medical Health Science – the pioneers in Bovine colostrum fit for human consumption!! “

“Find out more about adult stem cell enhancement products and how it can help you live longer, healthier and wealthier”

Contact Pam on  060 687 1778 or email: or Cathy on or send whatsup to: 0813853911.

COLOSTRUM Nobel Prize article

Now for the astounding fact:


Where do all eight of these vital nutrients come from? When do we first receive these in our life? Why do new breast fed babies thrive, grow new cells and develop resounding and resilient bodies.

The answer is that there is only one natural source for all of these. A source designed by nature to be our direct provider of all these wondrous healing substances. It is: Of course you’ve already guessed it by now. It is ‘Mother’s Milk’ ‘First Milk” ……or in our words:


Download the document:COLOSTRUM  Colostrum Scientific Evidence 1 PDF



Jou antwoord vir teenveroudering, siektes, auto-immuunsiektes en hoe jy jou DNA en RNA kan herstel. Ook vir jou dierekinders…BELANGRIKE INLIGTING.

Pierre Van Niekerk 082 220 8386

Klik op skakel vir die video

Jan Venter was live on Pierre@Dieregesondheid/Animal Health‘s Timeline.


Potgooi – Gesondheid 4 Mei 2017

Aangebied deur Cathy Louw Donderdae om 11vm

Vandag kruie met komplimente van Antoinette Pienaar


Die oumense het geglo dat die inname van borrie uiters heilsaam is en in die geval van gordelroos is dit definitief so. ‘n Teelepel borrie, soggens en saans, help die liggaam teen gordelroos. Die geweldige pyn van die wonde kan verminder word deur aalwynjel aan die seerplek te smeer. Neem ‘n aalwynblaar (verkieslik die kanniedood), sit die blaar onder warm as. Die blaar sal opswel en die jel binnekant die blaar sal sag word. Sny die blaar oop en smeer die lou jel aan die seerplekke en jy sal voel hoe die gevoelige plekke “koel” word en die geweldige gevoeligheid verminder.

Met komplimente van Antoinette Pienaar.


1 Groot blik Zambuk salf

3 buisies Wintergreen ( 25g elk)

1 botteltjie Haarlemensis

Sit die 2 salwe in n dubbelkoker en smelt die salwe. Haal van die stoof af as dit gesmelt is en gooi dan die botteltjie Haarlemensis. Meng goed en gooi af in n glas botteltjie. Met dank aan Antoinette Pienaar.

Salf vir wonde wat sukkel om te genees

1 Potjie Ponds Cream

1 blikkie Sinksalf

2 teelepels   Friars Balsem

Die grootste geskenk wat n mens jouself kan gee, as jy sukkel met ‘n wond wat stadig genees, is om nie moedeloos te word nie en om geduld te hê met die genesingsproses. Die liggaam genees stadiger as ‘n mens sonder moed is. Bemoedig jouself elke keer as jy met jou wond werk.

Met dank aan Antoinette Pienaar.

Aambei Salf

1 potjie Vaseline

1 botteltjie Haarlemensis

Meng die 2 bestandele goed en smeer gereeld aan. Met dank aan Antointte Pienaar.


2 teelepels lynsaad

2 teelepels sonneblomsaad

1 geskilde piesang

1 kiwi vrug

2 perskes, 2 appelkose, 1 peer

50ml naruurlike lewendige jogurt

100 – 150ml rys- of soja melk.

Maal die sade fyn en sit dan saam met vrugte in ‘n versapper. Drink hierdie Gladdejantjie ook net nadat jy dit gemaak het.


2 Eetlepels Vlassaad

1 Eetlepel Sonneblomsaad

1 Stukkie Gemmer, geskil en fyn gekap

150 ml suikervrye Appelsap

Week die sade oornag in 100 ml water. Sit die volgende oggend die sade met die water in ‘n versapper. Voeg die ander bestandele by en versap totdat dit sag en romerig is. Voeg ‘n bietjie water by en drink dan dadelik jou gladdejantjie. Met komplimente van Antoinette Pienaar.


Sade is baie ryk aan minerale, Vit E, protein en vesel. Van die volgende mengsel het jy net ‘n eetlepel daarvan per dag nodig.

Neem ‘n 250ml glasvles met ‘n prop wat kan toedraai en vul dit met die volgende sade:

Vul die helfte van die vles met Vlassaad en die ander helfte met Sesame saad, Sonneblomsaad, Pampoensaad en 1 teelepel Komynsaad. Hou die bottel in die yskas en toegedraai. Neem ‘n handvol elke oggend, sit dit in jou koffie of saadmaler en gebruik ‘n eetlepel daarvan in jou jogurt of oor jou pap. Jy kan gerus ook eksperimenteer met sade en vrugte en so ‘n Gladdejantjie maak wat reg in jou kraal pas!

Met komplimente van Antoinette Pienaar.

Psoriase en ekseem

Neem ‘n klein botteltjie petroleumjellie (Vaseline), gooi vier koevertjies Grandpa-pynpoeier daarby en meng goed. Dra sommer die botteltjie by jou en smeer aan die geaffekteerde plekke elke keer as jy daaraan dink.

Vir ekseem help ‘n koppie varkvet met een eetlepel blomswael gemeng. Smeer gereeld aan die plekke wat deur ekseem geaffekteer is. Blomswael is verkrygbaar by die apteek.


Potgooi Digters en Skrywers 2 Mei 2017

Elke Dinsdag om 11vm aangebied deur Cathy Louw

Vandag – Cathy lees die werke voor van Sybie Kleynhans en Elsabie van der Westhuizen se vervolgverhaal Kliphart van Vingerklip

Cathy lees werke voor verskaf aan haar deur ons digters en skrywers en indien jy jou woordkuns voorgelees deut Cathy op CD wil hê kontak Cathy gerus.

Selfoon:  0813853911



Potgooi – Digters en Skrywers 25 April 2017

Elke Dinsdag om 11vm aangebied deur Cathy Louw

Cathy lees werke voor verskaf aan haar deur ons digters en skrywers en indien jy jou woordkuns voorgelees deut Cathy op CD wil hê kontak Cathy gerus.

Selfoon:  0813853911



Potgooi – Kuiertyd met Cathy 21 April 2017

Kom kuier saam tussen 11 en 13:00 elke Vrydag saam met my Cathy Louw. Kom luister hoe ek rol…lekker man, lekker!!! Braairesepte, bygeregte, grappe…wonderlike musiek…man dis weer Vrydag en ek RUK!!!

Gesels saam as jy wil of ‘n boodskap vir iemand wil stuur.

Was ‘n piesangblaar en vou ‘n vis toe daarin. Stoom gaar op die braai, ± 45 minute. Probeer ‘n pasta van gemmer, suurlemoensap en olyfolie op die vis.

Indien jou vleis vassit op jou rooster, maak dit skoon met jou draadborsel terwyl dit nog warm is en smeer ui daaroor.
Met komplimente van Anna Eksteen uit Pa se Boek.


Kos wat in die buitelug gaargemaak word, hou ‘n wonderlike bekoring in, en die tergende geur van vleis wat op die kole sis maak ‘n mens rasend honger. Dit is seker een van Suid-Afrikaanse se nasionale tydverdryfte. Dit is wonderlik hoe dikwels mense met bitter min ervaring aan kookkuns dit regkry om die heerlikste kos oor die kole gaar te maak. Daar is geen formaliteite by ‘n braaivleisvuur nie. ‘n Braai is wat jy self daarvan maak. Braaivleis bly ewe lekker, of dit nou by ‘n swierige braaiplek, jou eie lapa, in die tuin of op ‘n eenvoudige braaitoestelletjie berei word. Wat is nou geselliger as die sorgelose saamkuier om ‘n braaivleisvuur? Niks klop immers daardie besonderse rooksmakie van kos wat oor die kole gaargemaak is nie.

So maak mens jou braai beter as die buurman s’n:

Moet nie gevriesde steak ontdooi nie. Plaas dit net so op die vlamme en sout eers wanneer dit amper klaar is.
Ryg boerewors deur ‘n sosatiestok met uie tussen in. Braai die wors oor die koeler deel van jou vuur / kole. So laat jy dit stadiger kook. Moet nie die vel prik dat die vet uitkook nie. Die wors moet juis gaar kook in die vet om sodoende die smaak te behou.
Draai die wors om sodra jy kan sien die vet kook aan die binnekant. Moet nooit meer as tien minute aan ‘n kant braai nie. Doop wors in water voor jy dit braai. Dit verhoed dat die wors maklik oopbraai terwyl dit gebraai word.
Laat ‘n filet vir ‘n paar uur in Cola Cola marineer voor jy dit braai. Braai dit oor vlamme en sorg net dat die kante seël.
Maak ‘n sousie met gelyke hoeveelhede van balsemasyn, suiker en olyfolie en verf dit gereeld oor jou groente terwyl dit braai.
Kook hoender in Coke voor jy dit braai of 20 minute in water. Dit maak dit sag en smaakvol.
Gooi jou gunsteling kruie op die vuur vir ‘n aangename reuk.
Marineer jou kruisstuk (Rump) oornag in sonneblomolie en worcestersous voor jy dit vinnig weerskante seël en dan verder braai soos jy dit verkies.
Vir ekstra geur gooi jy klam takkies roosmaryn of lourierblare in jou halfuitgebrande vuur waarop jy gaan lam braai.
Komplimente van Anna Eksteen uit Pa se Boek.