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Farmersaidsa  NPC Registration Number 2015/349503/08

About Farmersaidsa

Farmers Aid SA, was inspired and build on the American Farm Aid, which has a 30 year track record off helping struggling family farmers.

Our mission and goal is to raise continue awareness about the loss of family farms, farm attacks and farm murders and the impact it has on our economy , community and the threat it holds on our future food security. We want to support and assist and help these people.

Farmers Aid SA is improving and growing every hour, on doing more, bigger and better, while remaining true to its ultimate mission.

The Farmers Aid SA – Family Festival will be a annual music and good food festival that will raise funds to help us raise more awareness and to help fund our missions.

Farmers Aid SA missions:

A), Promoting Food From Family Farms.

B). The Farmers Aid SA – Drought Relief Program.

C). The Farmers Aid SA – Poverty Fund.

D). Farm Murders & Attacks.

As the worst drought in 35 years continues, South African farmers are struggling on a daily basis to stay afloat. With droughts, farm attacks, farm murders, continuing on a daily basis across South Africa, some farmers are considering selling their farms as they cannot access the funds they need to continue to operate.

15,000 of the 35,000 commercial farmers are struggling and `have their backs to the wall`because o the latest drought.

Let`s take a closer look at the serious situation our farmers are facing:

1960 – 300 000  (commercial farmers )

1994 –   60 000

2015 –   28 000

They are predicting that the number will drop to about 7000 in future, the number of commercial farmers has plummeted 85,000 to 11,600 to date.

Food security starts with our farmers – Communities depend on the produce of our farmers – Agri is one of the biggest contributors to our economy, which starts with our farmers.

Our farmers are a national treasure that should be looked after and be protected.

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