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Alpha Lipid Colostrum (120) Tablets – Code – 6345


Highest-grade New Zealand colostrum with ALPHA LIPID.
Active Ingredients:
455mg Bovine Colostrum powder providing
91mg immunoglobulins


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Highest-grade New Zealand colostrum with ALPHA LIPID.
Active Ingredients:
455mg Bovine Colostrum powder providing
91mg immunoglobulins

What’s the ALPHA LIPID difference?
ALPHA LIPID colostrum is the best colostrum available on the market today. It contains only the highest-grade New Zealand cow’s colostrum, processed to ensure maximum bioavailability, plus added ALPHA LIPID.
ALPHA LIPID is an exclusive formula developed by research scientists to make the colostrum more powerful than ever. It enhances solubility (and therefore absorbability) by up to 100%.
ALPHA LIPID also helps improve brain and liver function, and helps prevent memory loss.
ALPHA LIPID colostrum is literally nature’s ‘first food’. The pre-milk liquid provided for all newborn mammals, it is produced before normal milk. It contains literally hundreds of elements and compounds that are vital for health.
Cow’s colostrum is perfectly suited for human consumption – in fact, it contains up to 20 times more immune factors than human colostrum.
Colostrum has over 200 compounds that work in harmony with your body to achieve a variety of benefits:
>Boosts natural immunity to disease
>Helps the immune system to function properly
>Helps heal the gut and protect the gut from disease
>Increases lean muscle mass
>Increases the burning of fat
>Improves skin texture and elasticity
>Reduces symptoms of aging
>Strengthens bones and improves healthy growth
>Helps improve concentration levels
Dosage: For all-round wellness and vitality, healthy adults and kids can take 2 capsules or chewable tablets first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, with water. People with health challenges should simply increase the dosage until an improvement is felt. There are no negative side-effects associated with taking colostrum, as it is perfectly suited to the mammalian body – and you can take as much as you like! Also pet owners find it excellent to promote good health and athleticism. For working dogs break open 1 or two capsules and sprinkle on their food. Remember some of the worlds best athletes take colostrum so what about racing dogs / Greyhounds? Some trainers choose to use the Lifeline product but freight is an consideration. many horse trainers also use it. For cats break open a capsule and sprinkle on their food to promote shiny fur and a healthy look.
Alpha Lipid Capsules can also be taken in conjunction with cellworx for increased immunity especially if want to increase Adult Stem Cell Production.

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