Radio presenter Training

Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ -7067

Are you interested to be trained as a Radio presenter and get the opportunity to have your own show on an internet radio station

Internet Radio training

  • Sam software
  • General
  • Research
  • Show planning
  • Script
  • Jingle/intro tunes
  • Music
  • Presenter techniques
  • Interviews
  • Sponsers & advertisers



Training video clips


Audio clips

Live radio show practice

What you need:

– Computer or laptop minimum 2ram
– Windows 7 Ultimate Loaded
– Sound Card with mic output
– Headset With mic output
– Stable internet connection with minimum 2 meg speed

Please download skype on your computer

Contact Corrie at or WhatsApp  0844739648 or complete the form on the web page or comment with your email or WhatsApp number

Naam/Name (Word Vereis/Required)

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