What is Colostrum

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Before we get into the health benefits of colostrum, we need to take a closer look at what it really is.

Colostrum is sort of a pre-milk that is produced by cows (and human mothers). It is the stuff that the new-born calves feed on, and it provides them with all of the nutrients that they need as they are still very young. Order yours here!!!

When calves are born, they have not been exposed to any of the diseases, bacteria, or germs that mother cow has been exposed to. This means that they have no immune system of their own, increasing the chance that they will develop infections or illness.

With colostrum, however, the mother passes on all of the important nutrients that the calf needs to stay strong.

  • Colostrum passes on the antibodies, immune factors, and nutrients that will keep the calf healthy as they begin to develop their own immune system
  • It also provides a lot of the fat and proteins that are needed for the calf to develop healthy bones and muscles.
  • It contains special adaptogenic properties, which will help the calf to produce the cells that will be its own immune system.
  • It increases the white blood cell count of the calf’s body, helping them to fight off infection and disease all on their own.
  • Colostrum also provides the bacteria that will help the calf to digest milk properly

As you can see, colostrum plays a very important part in the growth and health of a new-born calf, but it’s just as important for humans! Before new mothers produce regular breast milk, they produce colostrum–which plays a central role in the new baby’s development.

Without colostrum, the first few weeks of a newborn’s life would be filled with disease and infection. Thanks to colostrum, a lot of the mother’s immune system is passed to the little one.

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